This document covers the identity for the brand touch2success. We will cover the following:

• Logo

• Font Suite

• Colour Palette

• Usage Guidelines

• Sub-Brands

• Resources

A brand is built and not just created - it means sustained efforts and initiatives over a period of time is what establishes a brand and its characteristics. A certain familiarity, consistent look and feel, uniform messaging, and above all, delivering on the promise is what builds the brand. Generally, ‘creative fatigue’ will set in for brand owners. They will seem to have a saturation point for their own brands, in terms of the colours, fonts, imagery, and layouts, and thus the craving for doing ‘something new’ might set in. This needs to be avoided. We have to remember that our customers or target audience would not be exposed to even a fraction of what we are exposed to.

The elements of branding are sacrosanct and should never be compromised. Hence, in case of any second thoughts, it should be done at the very beginning. Once you start the journey of branding, never veer, never second guess.

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This is the main component and the link between the corporate brand and the product or service brand. As stated before, it is purely visual (in terms of logo fonts and colours). This is the main brand of the corporate organisation and sub-brands. Brand identities would be based on this brand. The characteristics and attributes - even though the brand is classic, conveys the business and services. The brand aims to be different. It is not merely a search based service, but a comprehensive end-to-end assistant.

The brand language will always try to be a friend, philosopher, and guide. It interchanges roles based on the stage of purchase (from providing information, to giving research support, to assisting in selection, and so on). 
In a brand identity there are many elements, but the most important are the name
, the baseline, and 
the mnemonic.

All the elements of the identity (colours, fonts, and graphics) convey and add to the overall character of the brand, and hence, each of them is vital in any communication piece.