Primary Font Family

Helvetica  is one of the most popular typefaces in the world. In practical terms, though, it’s used by designers at independent firms, big corporations, and everything in between, from all over the world. Helvetica also comes under web safe fonts.


Use only the approved Font Families

Helvetica is the only font used for typography. There are 6 styles that can be used. The general rule of thumb is the bigger the font, the thinner the weight. There is no restriction on how big or small fonts can be, but the weight rule must be followed. However, on very special occasions when a heavy font must be used, the colour should subtly compliment the background colour.

Italicised fonts should only be used on two occasions - to highlight words or sentences encased in quotations, and to highlight words or sentences that are between single quotes (denoting a unique character or identity). Please do not use double quotes for everything - it can be used only for actual quotes by actual people - for everything else, please use single quotes.

There is one restriction for the colours of the fonts. They must be used in the order given in the colour palette - for example, the heading should start with black, then sub-heading ark grey, and so on.