The logo is classic, fresh, amiable, and conveys our business. The font in the name is Helvetica , and two weights have been used - regular and bold. Our primary colour - Green, signifies trust, positivity, commitment, and dependability. Our secondary colour - Teal, symbolises energy, wisdom, creativity, good luck and loyalty. The baseline signifies a personal bonding and commitment to the customer, to provide an optimised business. There are two versions for the primary logo - horizontal and vertical.

Logo Options

Clear Space & Sizing

The clear space has been established for logo visibility and impact. Maintaining the clear space between the logo and other graphic elements such as type, images, other logos, etc. ensures the logo always appears unobstructed and distinctly separate from any other graphic elements.

The Mnemonic

The Mnemonic conveys a brief on what we do, if we want to put it in a nutshell, we reach out to restaurant owners and consumers to maximise their success. The sense of touch is no exception, and plays a key role in day to day life. It lets us connect with the world that we live in. Without touch, we would not be able to interact with the environment. The mnemonic/symbol is a portion of our logo that can be used as a free-standing graphic element without the wordmark. The symbol must be used as provided and cannot be altered in any way.